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Sustainable promise and breakthrough


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Quality Over Quantity

What products are we using? Organic, upcycled, and compostable - from our suppliers to our products distribution.
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Eco-Friendly Advantage

These are handmade products. They are the eco-friendly replacement to plastic wrap. Wrap leftovers, a hunk of cheese, light weight tupperware for fruit and other foods, or cover lids for your dishes.
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Meet the Team

What comes into mind when we develop an idea or product? Is it sustainable? The Game Changers have just begun the fight against the single-use plastic market and packaging, one sustainable item at a time.
Yessenia J. Rivera

Yessenia J. Rivera

Founder and Creator

Before graduation at the University of San Diego School of Law in Environmental Law and Policy, Yessenia came up with a bold idea to end single-use plastic. By building and changing the norm, Yessenia builds sustainable business prototypes as an effort for small and big businesses to #breakfreefromplastic. After her extensive study on the United States federal regimentation of state waste management systems, she was up for the challenge to change the way people lived and transitioned back to a life of less plastic and zero waste life-style feasibility.


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Composting Challenge

I recently started composting in a shoe box and placed it in my freezer, dug a hole outside my apartment complex and now dump my food waste in the hole for compost (with permission of Read more…

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